Destinations and Cottages in Scotland

You will certainly have some great choices of what region in Scotland that you want to visit and enjoy your stay. Plus, you will have some grand selections of accommodations that include some very unique and most enjoyable cottages.

South of Scotland

A stay here will allow you enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of Scotland that is comprised of its gently rolling and luscious hills. These extend from the border all the way to Perthshire. This will allow you easy access to both Edinburgh and Glasgow. When you are here you can choose from cottage accommodations like pristine bungalows or courtyard cottages. You will find a variety of sizes that will aptly suit a couple all the way up to a large family.

Central Scotland

If you want to enjoy a little bit of everything that Scotland has to offer then choosing central Scotland as your destination may be a great choice. This is a great tourist region but at the same time allows you to enjoy some solitude in the glens as well as enjoying the lovely beaches. There are plenty of self catering cottages to choose as your accommodation. You can choose from those that are closer to the hub of activity or for those who are nestled in quieter locations, but allow you easy access to all the events that you may wish to attend.

The Scottish Highlands

Loaded with some very unique villages and welcoming beaches is something you can expect to enjoy if the Highland Scotland region is your choice. Not only are there plenty of cottages to accommodate the warm weather visitors, there are plenty for the avid skiers to take up temporary residence in when enjoying the ski hills to be found here.

Making use of self catering cottages in any of these regions is a great choice. It allows for more freedom and restful stays. They can be cost effective and allow for rest and relaxation when the mood calls for it.

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