Destinations and Cottages in the Heart of England

When one is looking at spending some time in the Heart of England they have many different counties to choose from that make up this area. At the same time they are plenty of things to see and do no matter which becomes your final choice. Another advantage of using this as your destination holiday is your choice in accommodations. Among the favored are the lovely cottages that are available for guest to rent. There are a lot of additional benefits of using this type of lodging for a temporary stay.


What you can expect to find in Oxford are some very intriguing courtyards and plenty of cobbled lanes to follow and do some exploring. Here you will also find a selection if quaint cottages that will provide the perfect accommodations for you and your family. These cottages come in all shapes and sizes. Some have a cool modern look to them, while others have the ambience of a barn shaped structure that makes them inviting and cozy.

Bakewell, Peak District

For those that like to step back in time and enjoy some quaint shopping then this is the district where you want to be. The food offerings here are delightful and of course you will want to try the famous Bakewell Pudding. When eating out is not on the list of what to do you can always prepare and enjoy your meals in one of the many cozy cottages that are available for rent here. There is a grand selection for the couples who are vacationing here just as there are for the large families.

Matlock, Derbyshire

Spending some time in Matlock will hold no disappointments. You can enjoy the hub of the activity in the area and then switch paces and enjoy the serenity that also can be found here. This is most enjoyed when you choose to rent one of the many holiday cottages that are located here. Lots of privacy, plenty of outdoor space to enjoy and lots of rooms for the travelers to take advantage of.

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